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We understand how ROI is important for every business. Our agency is pioneering Digital Marketing and Online Advertising in Myanmar, making sure our customer’s inbound marketing activities are translated into business opportunities. We will never let you worry again about losing your potential customers, who are unable to find your business online.

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There are 1,372 new websites created every single minute of the day (Internet Live Stats), yet Search Engine first page shows only 10 results that are most relevant to user’s query. Getting your website found on the search engine first page is extremely important to your business. The solution is here at SEOMyanmar.

Towards Higher Rankings

A higher ranking puts your website in front of potential customers who are actively looking for the products and services that you offer. This SEO process will help you increase the potential customers and your website visibility, which ultimately brings in more leads and sales.

Ethical And Professional

Failure to adhere to a proper optimization will ultimately result in your website being blacklisted by Google Search Engine databases. As we claim to be professionals, we only use honest, legal, and acceptable methods for both On and Off-Page SEO activities.

A Wise Digital Marketing Investment

We do not charge the setup fee for all our SEO packages, and there is no other hidden cost. We offer the most comprehensive SEO services that inevitably are worthwhile investments. We assure your ranking and traffic improvement within a certain time frame of the campaign.

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Timescity, known for its high-end office towers, luxurious condominiums, and serviced apartments, aimed to showcase its offerings and engage potential clients through a well-designed website. Recognizing the significance of an online presence, they sought to create a platform that would effectively communicate their unique value proposition and provide a seamless shopping experience. SEOMyanmar's expertise in web development allowed Timescity to overcome the challenges they faced in establishing a user-friendly and informative website. By creating an intuitive interface, organizing content effectively, and ensuring compatibility across different devices, SEOMyanmar provided a solid foundation for Timescity's online presence.

Our Solution
  • Website Development
  • Website Development

MELIÃ Yangon

Meliã Hotel Yangon, an exquisite establishment situated in one of Asia's most dynamic cities, made a strategic choice to employ digital channels to elevate their brand presence and drive promotional events. SEOMyanmar played a pivotal role in this endeavor by offering expert guidance and meticulously defining the target audience group. We crafted captivating and visually stunning HTML5 animated designs of varying sizes, which were then deployed in a comprehensive nationwide awareness campaign. The outcome surpassed expectations and achieved key performance indicators (KPIs), generating significant brand exposure for Meliá Yangon's event and restaurant sections. SEOMyanmar's remarkable efforts ensured heightened awareness and successfully met customers' expectations, resulting in a remarkable event-pr-branding triumph.

  • Google Display Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Display Marketing Campaigns

Ar Yu international hospital

AR YU International Hospital had a disappointing experience with their previous web development provider. They encountered issues with service quality, poor communication, and difficulties in reaching the point of contact (POC). These setbacks hindered AR YU's ability to deliver an optimal online experience to their patients, impacting their ability to search for doctors, make appointments, and access essential information. Seeking a solution, AR YU embarked on a search for a trustworthy web development partner to rectify their existing problems. Through their collaboration with SEOMyanmar, AR YU successfully resolved their web development challenges and significantly improved the patient experience.

Our Solution
  • Website Development
  • Website Development

Client Feedbacks

Before we meet SEOMyanmar, We have some issues regarding emails with our previous service provider and want to change the website to a modernized one so that the users find it easy to search for doctors and make appointments on the website. SEOMyanmar helped and advised on this matter and developed a user-friendly website to get ready for future online marketing campaigns. Besides, the website is fully functional and compatible with all laptops, desktop, tablet and mobiles. The support we received was thorough and timely and it was just awesome. It's a great experience with how this company is doing business, trustworthy and quick to respond if you have any questions.
OSC Hospital
OSC Hospital
We had been looking for a Web development company which is totally reliable, professional and able to partner long term relationships with us. Because, we had an unsatisfactory experience with our previous provider regarding their service, communication and difficulty to reach the POC. Finally, we found SEOMyanmar and two other companies to be chosen. To our happiness, our decision was right. Now we have a fully functional website for our patients who find it easy to search for the doctors they like to make appointments with and their available time in our Hospital and are able to make online appointments on the website as well. SEOMyanmar made it happen and advised during the project. The support we got was thorough and timely within the timeline. It is our great experience with SEOMyanmar.
ARYU International Hospital
ARYU International Hospital

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